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Shane Keaveney

Co-Founder and technology whiz in digital manufacturing; laser, printing, machining etc.

Since early 2014 The Rapid Foundation have been developing their strategies, skills and partnerships, while devoting itself to advocating for open source, easy access, low cost technologies for the empowerment of people.  We work both nationally and internationally from public engagement to month long overseas aid projects. Subscribe and drop us an email from more info.

Our Projects

Technology In Action

We are currently ramping up from our last major projects in Uganda and India in partnership with UCDVO 2015 to prepare for expansion for summer 2016.  We are also actively involved in public outreach and education for 3D printing, VR, and Digital modelling and manufacturing.

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The project's core mission is to empower people  by providing them with access to open sourced technologies, including 3D printing, and aurdino. There's a major focus on low resourced settings oversea, however the foundation also helps people  locally as well, through its various activities. 

Colin Keogh

Co-founder and expert in the area of energy, design & policy

Eoin O'Cearbhaill

Medical Device, external and internal, Design, and manufacture expert, and academic partner

Are you interested in empowering people  through low cost and easy access technology? Or do you want to learn how to use these technologies yourself and empower your community? Then join our team! We are always interested in new volunteers no matter what your technology awareness or literacy. 

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