Colin Keogh 


Irene Villefane
Mechanical & Industrial Engineer

Lisa is an extremely talented student in media (Computing and information technology), Graphic Designer and creator who leads all our artistic developments.In the past she has worked with a number of Universities, Companies and Groups in Ireland, Switzerland, Europe and the United States.

Her creative talent, eye for design and artistic flare help us to create engaging creative art projects for our workshops, lecture and trips, ensuring an engaging, exciting experience for everyone who works with our projects.

Elysa Kelly

Education Planning Adviser

Our Team

Elysa is a singer, composer, musician, linguist, and education advocate with a passion for learning, performance, and helping others. From an early age, Elysa has always been involved with music, performing with numerous music groups and choirs, alongside interactive education. Her experience in working with technology demonstrations and displays coupled with her musical and linguistic interests allow her to advise the group on creating engaging content and activities for trips, workshops, and outreach activities.

Lisa Montanari

Artistic Lead

Laura is a passionate and experienced development, education and community engagement professional, with significant experience in the NGO, Overseas Aid and community engagement areas. She has worked with Universities, Charities, Schools and aid projects to develop functional and effective education, access and engagement programs. Her involvement with UCD Volunteers overseas (UCDVO) and Comhlámh, and other experience gives her great insight for community engagement aspects of the foundations work.

Laura Egan O'Brien

Development Education & Community Engagement Officer

Collaborators & Advisors

Caroline O' Connor
Manager, UCD Volunteers Overseas

Shane Keaveney


Dr. Emmanuel G. Renaud
Lecturer in the School of Biomolecular & Biomedical Science

"My passion is engineering as I see it as the key to a more advanced, cleaner, sustainable, world, where humans and nature can live in harmony."

Currently a Post-Doctoral researcher at UCD in the Medical Device Design and Manufacture, Assistive Technology, and Marine Conservation alongside lecturer at the design and innovation department NUIM, whilst previously main applications engineer for SolidCAM UK in their Irish division. His truly interdisciplinary background and practical engineering and handcrafts experience, along with leadership roles gives him great insights and knowledge to help progress the foundation and the people it helps. 

Colin is a highly driven & innovative Engineer, with qualifications & experience in innovative technologies in the Mechanical and Energy engineering sectors such as Biomass Energy, 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing, Biomedical Engineering & Innovative Design. Leading innovative research in the Energy & He is leading research in the 3D Printing field with University College Dublin, with a focus on  policy & technology forecasting, advancing additive manufacturing & medical device design, 3rd world social entrepreneurial applications of additive manufacturing and integrating advanced technologies to both personal and private commercial entrepreneurial activities. Technical experience, a desire to spread advanced technologies and a passion for innovation combine to give the ability and ideas needed to thrive in a range of engineering & business sectors.

Stuart Garrett
Physiotherapist at St. James's Hospital

Dr. Eoin O'Cearbhaill
Lecturer in Bioengineering at the UCD School of Mechanical & Materials Engineering