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The Rapid Foundation’s projects and events have already reached
more than 5,000 people through education and outreach events
and have trained more than 50 people in 3D Printing, modelling
and innovation.


Over the last few years, we’ve won several awards, including JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award 2017, an IMechE Fritz Schumacher Award and we're mentioned in the United Nations Sustainable Development report 2016.

 In 2017, one of our founders, Colin Keogh, was named as one of Forbes 30
Under 30 for Europe, as a Nissan Generation Next Ambassador and as the Irish Early Career Awards It & Tech Professional of the Year. Shane Keaveney, our other founder, continued on to represent the foundation and Ireland as a candidate for the global JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award for 2017.



Our work has caught the worlds attention, sparked peoples interest and has been featured in news stories, television shows, documentaries and online videos. Our people love to create, build and innovate, a love that is shared by many.