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Our Vision

The Rapid Foundation empowers people around the world by giving them access to the skills and hardware to use disruptive technologies for innovation to solve their own problems. Our vision is to put a piece of open source technology in every country in the world to tackle UN sustainable goals, particularly 4, 5, 9, 11, 12, 14.

Working For 
Social Impact

Our goal is to empower people around the world to create, innovate and tackle the challenges they face head on by giving them access and training to new forms of disruptive technologies. We provide local training in 3D modelling, printing, and innovation along with consultancy to support our overseas aid work

Dublin Maker Fair

We run and participate in various events to engage with the public and school kids. We use these events to showcase and demonstrate 3D printing and 3D modeling and its applications here and abroad. Please contact us if you'd like us at your event.

3D printer build Kenya

We are actively supporting overseas communities with disruptive technology and training through developed partnerships. We use digital technologies and video conference for ongoing training and support from our base in Ireland. If you think there is a location suitable for our support please contact us.

3D printerin India

We provide training services in the areas of 3D printing, modelling, and innovation. We use the profits from these training sessions to fund our organisation and growth of our overseas partnerships. If you are interested in attending one of our training sessions or organising a training with us please contact us.  

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